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This set is a collaboration of two WMGSO-based small ensemble groups who call themselves Leaf & Key and downtuned. Leaf & Key is a piano and violin duo who play an assortment of genres, depending on what they can get away with arranging for violin and piano. downtuned is a vocal and guitar trio that plays acoustic versions of vocal-based video game songs. This collaboration, with Leaf & Key’s pianist standing in for downtuned’s guitarist, explores an eclectic variety of genres, from folk to tango to pop to impressionistic. The setlist includes songs from various mainstream games, such as Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts, and various indie games, such as Pyre and Transistor.

The Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra and choir whose mission is to share and celebrate video game music with a wide audience by putting on affordable, accessible concerts in the Washington, D.C. region. Game music weaves a tapestry of the traditions, values and mythos of video game culture. In it we find deep emotion and truths about life, as well as new ways of expressing ourselves. We find meaning and beauty that transcends the medium of games and stays with us for life. Despite this, these soundtracks largely escape recognition in professional musical circles. WMGSO is dedicated to showcasing this emerging art form and highlighting the virtuosity of its composers.

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Sat 5:30pm (Mar 14)
Sat 6:15pm (Mar 14)
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