Description Price Remaining Quantity
3-day ticket
Access to all three days of BFGcon, concerts & entertainment!
$40.00 969
2-day ticket
Your choice of any 2 days of BFGcon.
$30.00 983
1-day (Friday or Saturday)
Attend for just one day, you don't need to decide which day in advance!
$20.00 986
Sunday Only
Can you only attend Sunday? Save $5!
$15.00 999
Ages 6-12, when accompanied by an adult ticket purchase of any length. Younger children are free.
$7.50 996
3-day ticket + T-shirt
Get a 3-day ticket and a T-shirt as well! Shirt delivered at the con if ordered by Feb 25th.
$60.00 991
2-day ticket + T-shirt
Your choice of any 2 days of BFGcon and a T-shirt as well!
$50.00 999
1-day (Friday or Saturday) + T-shirt
Attend for just one day and get a T-shirt as well!
$40.00 999
Sunday Only + T-shirt
Save a bit by attending on Sunday only and get a T-shirt as well!
$35.00 999
Child + T-shirt
A child ticket per above, plus a T-shirt.
$27.50 998
T-shirt Add-on
Did you want extra T-shirts? Did you buy your ticket already and only now decide you want the shirt? This is the option for you!
$20.00 999
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Advance ticket sales are open! Save up to $10 per attendee. As we encourage families to game together, children aged 6-12 are highly discounted along with an adult registration. Children under 6 are free!

Tickets at the door will cost:
3-day ticket: $50
2-day ticket: $40
1-day ticket: $25
Sunday only: $20
Child (6-12): $10

T-shirt Sales:

We are also allowing you to pre-order a special BFGcon full-color t-shirt to commemorate your experience at our first ever con! Orders must be placed by Feb 25th in order for us to guarantee that we will have them available at registration for you. (We will decide later if we can allow later purchases and ship them to you, or if we might have sales at the door.) We are offering the shirts in a women’s cut v-neck, a standard fit unisex, and youth sizes.

Unisex Women's Shirt


If you are interested in volunteering or running a game in exchange for discounted or free tickets, please check out our help us page which has full details on our opportunities.