2020 BFGcon Vendors

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Uncle Goggles Emporium

We are just 2 Pagan Nerds with some 3d printers. Selling dice towers, dice boxes, gaming accessories.

Location: Ballroom

10% off $20 or more (GOLD)
5% off $20 or more (ELECTRUM)

Silver Dragon Studio

Selling Dice, Collectible Card games (MtG, Pokemon, Yugioh, Shwartz, etc.) RPG Books, Comics, and collectible card game accessories.

Location: Ballroom

Chain & Fancy, LLC

Selling handmade chainmail jewelry and gaming accessories.

Location: Ballroom

TNT Laser Works

TNT Laser Works is a custom game engineering company specializing in laser cut acrylic dials, template, tokens, and other goodies. Have an idea to improve your gaming? Let us know!

Location: Vendor Hall

10% off purchases


I combine original ink drawings with computer coloring to create unique, original images in the classical tradition, of flowers, animals, and fantasy creatures.

Location: Artist Alley


Selling handmade plushies, sweaters w/ her original designs, prints of original illustrations, and handmade bandanas for dogs w/ original nerdy prints.

Location: Artist Alley

The Table Candle

The Table Candle, LLC is a Small Independently owned Gaming Studio that creates Table Top Games for the public to play. Our focus is to bring Table Top Games that not only allow for personal creativity, yet allow for personal growth through Role-Play. When we create our games we only have one rule, how can we make the answer a YES, you can do that.

Location: Vendor Hall

15% off purchases & vinyl sticker not available to the public (GOLD)

Rantings of a Wandering Mind

Rantings of a Wandering Mind is the publishing company for Joab Stieglitz. Joab is the author of five novels in the Utgarda Series, featuring archaeologist Anna Rykov and her colleagues in 1920 New York. He has also written several short stories as well as a book of advice for Role-Playing Game Masters.

You can follow Joab Facebook at Rantings of a Wandering Mind, on Twitter and Instagram @JoabStieglitz, and on his blog:

Location: Vendor Hall

McRea Custom Creations

Selling custom logo t-shirts, glassware, decals, and more.

Location: Ballroom

10% off purchases, 10% off Military Discount (GOLD)
Free decal w/ $25 purchase (ELECTRUM)

Cody James by Cody

Influenced by old school video games, Anime, and Super Heros, Cody will be selling prints, original paintings, stickers and enamel pins of his work.

Location: Artist Alley

The Art of Sam Dalious

Sam is a PA-based miniature commission painter. While her favorite pieces usually involve the monsters and villains of D&D, she can paint almost anything. She will be selling hand-painted miniatures and taking custom orders.

Location: Vendor Hall

15% off custom commissions (GOLD & ELECTRUM)

nerd s.a.s.s.

Handmade nerdy accessories for those on the go! Whether it be at cons, or just wanting to show off your fandom, we got you!

Location: Artist Alley

Cautionary Cutouts

Laser-cut games and game accessories, art, puzzles, signs, stickers, slate, and more.

Location: Ballroom

10% off one order (GOLD)
Free wooden sticker w/purchase (ELECTRUM)

Artwork of IndigoAngelCat

At IndigoAngelCat you will find aprons, custom commissions, prints, original artwork, hand-made dice bags, dice towers, stickers, and cosplay items.

Location: Vendor Hall

10% off purchases (GOLD)
5% off purchases (ELECTRUM)

Brainstorm Comics

Your stop for new weekly comics, back issues, graphic novels and tpbs, gaming supplies. We also carry Warhammer and Games Workshop products, role-playing books, the largest dice selection in Frederick, and trading card games including Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Heroclix. Plus a large selection of unique board games. Special orders are always welcome!

Locations: Ballroom & Vendor Hall

Elk Ridge Studio

A local artist offering handknit items such as hats, mitts, baby sweaters & blankets, and dog sweaters. Most items are worked with natural fibers except baby & dog items that use acrylic.

Location: Vendor Hall

10% discount for cash payment

Novel Books

Featuring new and used books, including SciFi, SciFi Fantasy, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and more. Also offering gaming merchandise and accessories.

Location: Vendor Hall

Nomnivore Games, Inc.

Nomnivore is an indie development studio bringing a fresh, new take on tabletop games! We also love the community, supporting new developers however we can!

Location: Vendor Hall

Foam Brain Games

Foam Brain Games is the convention store you love, with a large variety of board and card games, dice, and novelties.
Specializing in metal dice, dice bags, towers, and trays, and minis.

Location: Vendor Hall

Scarves of Holding

Offering the ultimate in infinite scarves of holding w/ POCKETS! Also offering creatively disguised dice boxes.

Location: Artist Alley

20% off total purchase (GOLD)
10% off total purchase (ELECTRUM)

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