A benefit of having the event venue be a hotel is that we can negotiate some pretty great discounts for people coming in from out of the area, or just for folks who want to game to the wee hours, crash, get up and start again!

We’ve negotiated a special rate of $99/night for our guests.  You can book that directly be using the button below, or calling up the reservation desk at (301) 694-7500 and saying you are with “BFGcon 2020”.

Special Rooms

In fact, if you want the ultimate tabletop experience, we have a few first-come-first-served rooms that are literally within the event space, so that you can walk outside your hotel room and immediately into the gaming. They open onto a balcony just above the open board gaming floor, and you could choose to open your room and/or balcony into an extended private gaming area with friends!  (You will need to call the hotel directly to guarantee one of these rooms if desired.)