Win at BFGcon!

Play to Win

You have a chance to win board games just by playing them! Each day a number of games donated to us by our sponsors will be available to play. By playing the game that day you are entered into a drawing that evening to win the copy you played with! That’s all it takes! Each person who plays has a chance to win! (One entry, per game, per player). You will need to be present that evening to pick up the game should you win.

More games will be added to this list as we continue to receive donations:

Current games in our Play to Win are:

Game Publisher  
A.D.A.P.T. Gate Keeper Games
Cursed Court Atlas Games
Three Cheers for Master Atlas Games
Murder of Crows
(Second Edition)
Atlas Games
Lost in R’lyeh Atlas Games
Gloom in Space Atlas Games
Witches of the Revolution Atlas Games
Overlords of Infamy
w/ The Dead & Breakfast
Obscure Reference Games  

Any games not claimed by the winner will be added to the BFGcon game library for future years.



We have a metric ton of tournaments scheduled throughout the weekend, you’ll definitely want to head over to our Schedule Page to check them out, but there are a few we want to bring special attention to:

2018 Maryland State Championships

We are proud to host the first Maryland State Championships for a number of board games, all officially sanctioned by the respective game companies! Not only are these going to be prestigious events, but they come with prizes! You will win a trophy, a copy of the game to keep, and a free ticket to DEXCON 21 happening July 4-8, to compete in the Northeast Regional Championship for greater glory! Oh, and if you win at the Northeast Regional Championship you will receive a free ticket to GenCon to compete in the U.S. National Championships!

Each tournament will take about 3hrs and involves playing 5 rapid-fire rounds of each game, cutting to semi-finals after the 3rd round, and ending in an exciting final round! You can sign up in advance for a spot in these limited tournaments if you want on Warhorn. The following games will all have hosted championships at BFGcon this year:



Meeple League Tournaments

We are also excited to welcome the Meeple League, the international organizers of competitive boardgaming events that span the year. You will be able to win a trophy if you take down one of their tournaments, as well as earn Meeple League tournaments points, allowing you to compete against people around the world for the title of Player of the Year. Their tournaments focus on traditional competitive-style Euro board games. This year they will be hosting both a Ticket to Ride and a Splendor tournament! See our schedule page for timing information, and go sign up in advance on Warhorn after buying your con ticket!